What do Sherman & Phalen and Amazon have in common?

Don’t we all just love Amazon! Anything you need from toilet paper to a Star Wars branding toaster (look it up), can be at your doorstep in just two days! If almost any product can come straight to you, why can’t closing services? I admit, we’re not as exciting as Amazon, but the attorneys at Sherman & Phalen will come to a location that is convenient to you for your closing. 

Most closing attorneys make all parties close in their office, which may not always be close to your home or work. But at Sherman & Phalen, we work with you to schedule your closing at a bank or office location close to you.

Our office—located just off of I-75 in Cobb County—may be convenient for you. But if it isn’t, do you want to fight Atlanta traffic to sign documents to refinance your home? Probably not, and for those odd birds who might enjoy sitting in traffic (uh, Star Wars toaster), you are still welcome to come to our office. Let your lender know that you want to use Sherman & Phalen as your closing attorney and we’ll come to you!