"Adulting" is Hard, Closing on Your Home Shouldn't Be

I have Sirius XM radio.  I love the stations like Backspin (80s/90s hiphop), Prime County (80s/90s country, and Lithium (90s alternative rock).  They remind me of a simpler time where life decisions were easier, red flannel shirt or blue?  Doc Martins or Birkenstocks?  Yes, I was a teenager of the 90s.  Now, life’s decisions are filled with kids, career, marriage and mortgages.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I could be paid enough to revisit the awkwardness of high school but being a full-on adult is hard! 

While its part of the American Dream, owning a home can be stressful!  Furthermore, the closing process is challenging enough to make most people wish they were back at their school cafeteria table rather than a closing table.   Don’t let your home mortgage add to the stress of “adulting.”   At Sherman & Phalen, we have an experienced and friendly group of staff and attorneys that are here to alleviate your closing concerns.  Let your lender know that you want Sherman & Phalen to close your loan and we’ll help make your closing process go smoothly.  Heck, sometimes our closing table is even more fun than that square pizza from your school cafeteria!


I just ordered a cake from Brusters Ice Cream for my daughter’s birthday party.  So many decisions; vanilla cake or chocolate, type of filling, ice cream flavor, icing color and so on.  A lot of choices for a cake that costs less than $40 and don’t even get me started on decisions to be made for a $5 cup of coffee at Starbucks!  We, as Americans, love to have choices, and fortunately we live in a place where we have so many options for food, careers, education, housing, etc…  However, does anyone find it ironic that when most people buy a home, their biggest asset, they don’t realize that they have a choice as to the closing attorney?  Yes, homebuyers can choose the law firm that they want to handle their closing process.

The buyer has the right to name the closing attorney on their purchase contract.  As closing attorneys, we are involved in the entire closing process, making sure all parties are coordinated, moving money, and making sure that the property you are buying is free from liens and ownership issues.  Think of us as air traffic control.  All of our attorneys have been handling real estate closings for years and our firm was initially opened in 1996.  We assign each closing to a dedicated professional rather than passing the file to a new person for each step of the process.  Our attorneys are accessible to address buyer concerns and we make closings convenient and efficient for all parties.  You would think these would be standard practices with all closing firms, but I encourage you do the research and discover that at Sherman & Phalen, you will receive a higher level of service at competitive attorney fees. 

On your next property purchase, don’t let someone else dictate who your closing attorney will be.  Give us a call and ask that we be named on the contract.  After all, you don’t want someone else making your Starbucks decisions and that’s only a cup of coffee!