Our founding partner, Glenn F. Sherman, enjoys helping new businesses get started and long standing businesses grow. 

If you are just starting your business, before you start signing contracts, purchasing real estate, or submitting bids, be sure to incorporate your business and protect your personal assets. Georgia offers different types of business entities, so meet with Mr. Sherman to know which entity will work best for you. We explain to you in plain language the advantages and limitations of the Limited Liability Company (LLC), S Corporation, and C Corporation entities. 

Once you make a decision, he’ll file the right paperwork for you to make it official. He can prepare the formation documents you’ll need, including any Articles of Incorporation and Stock Certificates. 

Or, if you’ve been in business a while, talk with him if you want to change your entity, start a subsidiary, or just review your options. Mr. Sherman can walk you through the process of changing your existing corporation to a different entity.